The Rota dos Coqueiros Concessionaire (CRC) is a public-private partnership that connects the Metropolitan Region of Recife to the Southern Coast of Pernambuco, one of the richest regions in the Northeast of Brazil. The CRC highway is strategically located close to urban centers, industrial complexes and tourist routes, with an emphasis on Reserva do Paiva, an upscale neighborhood with a growing population, business and leisure activities that is expected to reach maturity in approximately 30 years, leading to an intense increase in vehicular traffic in the region in the coming years.

In order to provide a quality service to passengers traveling its 6.5km of highway, the CRC contains a rescue vehicle and a light trailer, a traffic inspection vehicle, as well as a differentiated infrastructure for the residential area that covers two decks of observation, 6.2km of bike paths, 12km of sidewalks and 513 road signs. In addition, the Rota dos Coqueiros Concessionaire has 2 toll plazas, a service and control center and 4 traffic lanes for most of its route, reducing it to 2 lanes only on bridges.