The Bahia Norte Concessionaire (CBN) started its activities on June 29, 2010, with already implemented investments of 1.1 billion reais to modernize the BA-093 system, which connects the metropolitan region of Salvador to the industrial hub of Camaçari (some from the richest regions in Brazil), to the Port of Aratu and also to Salvador International Airport. The concession completes 11 years on August 17, 2021, accounting for a series of improvements in one of the main circulation and distribution corridors for products and services in Bahia. Among these structural contributions are the carrying out of works, such as the delivery of new roads and duplications and the provision of infrastructure services responsible for optimizing the flow of vehicles in the region and improving the mobility and safety of users, from the metropolitan region of Salvador to the municipalities in the interior of Bahia.

In the first years of the concession, CBN invested in infrastructure projects, such as the restoration and duplication of 14 kilometers of the BA-526 (CIA-Aeroporto), 25 kilometers of the BA-535 (Via Parafuso) and 14 kilometers of the BA-093 . Additionally, the BA-512, BA-521 and BA-524 (Traffic Channel) highways were rehabilitated.

On September 25, 2014, the 2nd Amendment to the Concession Agreement was signed, with the purpose of including the stretch between kilometer 18.5 of BA-526 and kilometer 8.5 of BA-099, with an extension of 11 .20 km. As a result, the total area granted was 132.65 km. As a result of the new investments, in order to restore the economic and financial balance of said concession, the term of the Concession Agreement was changed, from 25 to 30 years and therefore terminated. in 2040.

In 2018, the Via Metropolitana was delivered, a new 11.2km expressway connecting the municipalities of Camaçari and Lauro de Freitas (work in which more than R$200 million were invested). This stretch contributed to reducing the travel time of users (by more than 50%) and the flow of vehicles from Estrada do Coco, towards the north coast, especially during peak hours.

The system’s highways constitute one of the main circulation and distribution corridors for products and services in Bahia, connecting the Aratu Industrial Center (CIA), the Camaçari Industrial Pole, the Aratu Port Terminal and the Salvador International Airport.

Several challenges were overcome and, today, the improvement in the fluidity of the highways, in road safety, in addition to the development of the region influenced by the concession, are the main benefits perceived by all those who travel along the highways and/or follow the evolution of the works carried out by the CBN.